Course Description

This 1-hour continuing education course is presented by Dr. Scott Thompson, OTD, MOT, OTR/L, CSRS, LSVT BIG, the Director of Clinical Services for Saebo, Inc. The course will introduce you to the basic principles and history of mental practice, provide evidence-based research concerning the benefits of using mental practice and physiological changes that occur during mental practice, help you apply mental practice in the clinic and home settings, and show you how to access SaeboMind as a free resource for stroke and neurological recovery anywhere at any time.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Using Mental Practice to Improve Motor Recovery

    • Overview

    • Download the Course Handout

    • Using Mental Practice for Motor Recovery

    • Course Review

    • Quiz

    • Course Feedback Survey


  • Be able to define mental practice

  • Be able to identify/explain EBR related to the importance of mental practice and the physiological aspects

  • Understand how to use mental practice in a clinical setting

  • Be able to identify/explain EBR related to physiological changes during mental practice

  • Understand how to access and use SaeboMind as a resource


  • Brief overview of the synonyms and definitions of mental practice

  • How mental practice is used inside and outside the rehabilitation department

  • Benefits of mental practice

  • Candidates and indications for mental practice use

  • Brief overview of the evidence-based research about mental practice and neurological recovery

  • Mechanisms responsible for expectations of mental practice results

  • Anatomical and physiological results of using mental practice

  • Modes of mental practice application

  • Audio examples from SaeboMind, a free resource for clinicians and clientsof mental practice

  • A 15-question quiz


Director of Clinical Services, Saebo, Inc.

Dr. Scott Thompson, OTD, MOT, OTR/L, CSRS, LSVT-BIG

Dr. Scott Thompson is a doctor of occupational therapy specializing in geriatrics and neurological rehabilitation with advanced treatment certifications in CSRS, LSVT-BIG and Saebo certifications. He currently is the Director of Clinical Services for Saebo, Inc., which includes product and business development, CEU development, research, marketing, sales, and online instructional videos. He also works as a per diem therapist to remain connected to clients, colleagues, and treatment, serves on multiple college advisory boards, and is a former executive chair for his State's Association and Foundation.


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